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Avoid costly repairs and denials from home warranty companies.  How often do you forget to change your HVAC system filter?  It is recommended by manufacturers to replace your systems filter every thirty days. Not replacing/cleaning your filter often enough can be very detrimental to you system. Dust particles build up on components and act as insulators. Insulaors prevent your components from dissapating the heat build up. This will greatly increase the wear and tear on your components and decrease the life of you system. Keeping a clean filter helps with the air quality that you breathe in your home.

Tired of driving to purchase a filter, then having to climb a ladder to change it?  We will provide and replace your filter for YOU on a monthly basis.  For $30 a month/trip we will replace your filter with a quality pleated filter.  Have a re-usable filter?  We will wash your filter for you and re-install it for $20 per month/trip.  Sign a one year contract and we will reduce the cost $2.50 per month/trip.  That is a $30 savings per year. No coupons or discounts can apply with this offer.
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